Mobile predictions for 2014

Like every beginning of the year, it is time for good intentions and predictions. Today I wanted to meet some of the PREDICTIONS about the present MOBILE DEVICES in 2014.

I’m not delivering a new list of predictions, following items list are the most relevant from the links at the end:

  • Wearable computing (as part of Internet Of Things, IOT)
  • Flexible/curved screens/displays
  • HTML vs native mobile apps
  • Apple-Samsung duopoly
  • Mobile payments
  • More consumers shopping via mobile
  • 64-bit computing + powerfull graphics chips
  • Displays Beyond 1080p
  • 4G connectivity
  • New battery capabilities
  • New Operating Systems
  • Hyper-Local Location

Links from:

Some other useful links:

And, finaly, a useful talk (in Spanish) about “Creating Mobile Services for >55 years old people”, by Raquel Navarro

Enjoy !! We will see at the end of the year !!

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