Desktop versus mobile web user interfaces

UX professionals and researchers agree that interacting with web interfcaces has lots of differences that doing it with mobile interfaces.

I’m not discovering anything new. I’m only providing some good redings to deal with this differences:

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User Experience Careers

User Experience Careers. How to Become a UX Pro, and How to Hire One, interesting (and free !!) report from S. Farrel & J. Nielsen. It analyzes how UX pros educated and trained themselves for their careers.

In 2013 they surveyed 963 people working in the UX field to find out what they do at work, what is most useful to know, and which kinds of people thrive in UX research, interaction design, and information architecture.

Mobile predictions for 2014

Like every beginning of the year, it is time for good intentions and predictions. Today I wanted to meet some of the PREDICTIONS about the present MOBILE DEVICES in 2014.

I’m not delivering a new list of predictions, following items list are the most relevant from the links at the end:

  • Wearable computing (as part of Internet Of Things, IOT)
  • Flexible/curved screens/displays
  • HTML vs native mobile apps
  • Apple-Samsung duopoly
  • Mobile payments
  • More consumers shopping via mobile
  • 64-bit computing + powerfull graphics chips
  • Displays Beyond 1080p
  • 4G connectivity
  • New battery capabilities
  • New Operating Systems
  • Hyper-Local Location

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Participación en el 10º CIISSITyR

Durante la semana pasada estuve participando en el “10º Congreso Internacional de Ingeniería de Software, Sistemas de Información, Telecomunicaciones y Redes” organizado por la Universidad Privada Antenor Orrego (UPAO), en Trujillo, Perú.

Mi participación fue con las siguientes actividades:

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User Interface Tips

Per casualitat he anat recollint llocs on hi ha consells a tenir en compte a l’hora de dissenyar interfícies d’usuari:

i per acabar, aquest d’una empresa amb algun conegut:

Si en teniu més, els deixeu als comentaris !!!

Checklist for effective user research was adapted from the Ethnography Field Guide

NOTE: this entry comes from

Handy checklist

This checklist for effective user research was adapted from the Ethnography Field Guide produced by the Helsinki Design Lab, powered by Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund (

  • Create a welcoming atmosphere to make participants feel at ease.
  • Always listen more than you speak. Continue reading

Presente y Futuro de la Experiencia de Usuario en España

El Instituto Universitario de Investigación “Centro de Investigación Operativa” de la Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche organiza el Primer Ciclo de Seminarios On-line (webinars) titulado “PROFESIONES DEL FUTURO”.

El webinar “Presente y Futuro de la Experiencia de Usuario en España” será impartido por D. Toni Granollers (Universitat de Lleida) y D. Andrés Botero ( tendrá lugar el próximo miércoles 16 de octubre de 2013 a las 17:00 horas CEST y podrá seguirse en directo a través de la plataforma webinars del CIO. Los participantes del webinar podrán formular sus preguntas al final de la conferencia a los ponentes.