Desktop versus mobile web user interfaces

UX professionals and researchers agree that interacting with web interfcaces has lots of differences that doing it with mobile interfaces.

I’m not discovering anything new. I’m only providing some good redings to deal with this differences:

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Mobile predictions for 2014

Like every beginning of the year, it is time for good intentions and predictions. Today I wanted to meet some of the PREDICTIONS about the present MOBILE DEVICES in 2014.

I’m not delivering a new list of predictions, following items list are the most relevant from the links at the end:

  • Wearable computing (as part of Internet Of Things, IOT)
  • Flexible/curved screens/displays
  • HTML vs native mobile apps
  • Apple-Samsung duopoly
  • Mobile payments
  • More consumers shopping via mobile
  • 64-bit computing + powerfull graphics chips
  • Displays Beyond 1080p
  • 4G connectivity
  • New battery capabilities
  • New Operating Systems
  • Hyper-Local Location

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